Campus Goose Chase


Are you trying to find an orientation week activity that will help students build friendships and create lasting memories? Campus Goose Chase is a great way to introduce any group of students to campus, and each other.

In Campus Goose Chase, students break into teams to complete fun photo challenges all around the school property.

Highlights include:

  • Students love it – the scavenger hunt is a blast to complete
  • Great for faculty – a fun way to bring campus leaders closer together
  • Simple to set up – participants just need their smartphones to get going
  • Custom for your campus – ask about including challenges specific to your school
  • Live leaderboard – keeps students competitive for the whole activity
  • Fits your timeline – adapt the activity to run for as long as you need it
  • Any group size – great for large and small student groups
  • Budget-friendly – our team is flexible, and can work within your budget
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Students start out by breaking up into teams. Each team will need one smartphone to download the team building app from the Apple App or Google Play store.

When it’s time to start, teams sign into the activity to start completing challenges around campus. For every challenge that teams complete correctly, they will earn points to move up the live leaderboard. Whichever team earns the most points before running out of time will be declared the Campus Goose Chase champions.

Check out the video introduction to our smartphone app:

Some teaser missions to give you an idea of what to expect

 Find an issue of the student newspaper and take a picture of your team reading it.

Your student newspaper is an important source of information about what is happening on your campus. This challenge can help participants learn where to locate the newspaper, and also give them a chance to take a look at what kind of content is available inside.

Go to the campus bookstore, and take a picture of your team holding up textbooks relating to their majors.

This challenge helps accomplish two things. First, participants will learn exactly where the campus bookstore is located. Second, when participants are searching for textbooks relating to their majors, they will naturally get to know each better and start conversations based on their mutual interests.

 Photograph your team showing their school spirit, with someone who is wearing a branded school t-shirt or sweater.

It’s always important for students to feel a sense of school spirit and community when they start at a new school. Locating and speaking with an experienced student who is wearing a branded t-shirt or sweater helps reinforce the brand of your school, and gets students who are not involved in the scavenger hunt excited and participating as well.

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When you contact us, our team will ask you the following questions:

  • Is your campus located in Harrisburg, or somewhere else?
  • What size is your group?
  • How long do you have for your activity?

Don’t worry – there are no wrong answers! Campus Goose Chase is flexible, and our team will be happy to adapt it for your needs. Big or small groups, near or far locations, short or long timeframes – our team will customize the activity to make it perfect for your campus.

Your investment includes:

  • Custom-built Campus Goose Chase, branded for your campus
  • A password-protected smartphone activity, made private for your group
  • Access to the live leaderboard and activity stream
  • Full, personal instructions for you and your team
  • The option to add on custom challenges
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Key Facts

  • Activity Level : Active
  • Competition Level : Competitive
  • Desired Outcome : Fun
  • Event Length : 1 – 2 hours
  • Investment Level : Hosted ($40 – $200pp), Self-Hosted ($11 – $39pp), Virtually-Hosted ($12 – $50pp)

How much does this event cost?

Self-Guided Smartphone Powered Events

If you would like to run this activity yourself, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $9 to $31 per person, with a minimum spend of $395. For larger groups we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

Remote-Hosted Events (Ideal for Hybrid Teams)

Get a hosted event experience, without the cost of having an in-person host. With remote-hosted events, your host will leverage a video conferencing tool & our proprietary web app to run a hosted event for your teams. This is an ideal solution for teams that have a mix of in-office and remote employees. Prices range from $12 to $50 per person with a minimum total investment of $995.

Hosted Smartphone Powered Events

If you would like our team to be on-site to run this activity for you and your group, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $40 to $125 per person. For smaller groups, we do have a minimum total investment level of $3,995. For larger groups, we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

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Reviews for Campus Goose Chase Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

Great fun, well organized, easy-to-use tool. Everyone was very friendly, and responsive. ”

– DeVry University

Though some participants were skeptical at first, everyone ended up having an amazing time and are already hoping to do another event like this in the future. Other organizations on campus were also interested in the program and I would be more than willing to give them your information! Thank you so much for such an amazing and rewarding activity; it put a smile on so many faces. ”

– Phi Mu

It was really a GREAT experience! My team had a BLAST! It was as easy and effortless to present and pull off as stated. The event itself is sooooo fun. Put them out there and great to see who would step up and put themselves out there! Competition on a whole new level! ”

– Southern Nazarene University

Outstanding service, the event went off without any glitches. Our goose chase event is used for new student orientation on an urban college campus. The event is fun, interactive, and met all of our objectives. Three years in a row, we’ve received consistently outstanding service. Staff are easy to reach via email and phone, and very responsive to requests. ”

– Washington State University

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